Hello and Welcome! My name is Jenny and I do the cooking, writing and photography around these parts. That is my wonderful fiancé Brett next to me and he does the dishes and helps me with technical stuff. 🙂

I started this blog in January 2018 after several years of hemming and hawing over details of getting started. First I had the dilemma of my own diet. I have a passion for baking but I also have a passion for eating healthy so I couldn’t commit to either. Like… can I write a blog about salads and cupcakes? LOL! Then I decided in 2017 to go back to a vegetarian lifestyle (which explains my blog name). For most of my early 20’s I maintained a vegetarian lifestyle. Then, after about a year of eating no meat I decided to add meat back in and here we are. I still strive to eat as many plant based meals as possible but you will see a variety of foods on this blog.

As I’m writing this, we are planning our upcoming wedding and we both are looking to shed a few lbs before the big date. We currently are focusing hard on our macronutrients (don’t worry this is not going to turn into a macro or body building site) so you may see our food focus change as our lifestyle does. I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Regardless of whatever diet I think is a good idea that month I will always focus on eating healthy, whole foods. Don’t get me wrong I like a bag a chips just as much as the next person but when it comes to cooking I want to only serve up fresh, healthy ingredients.

A little more about me. I was born and raised in chilly Wisconsin. I moved in my early 20’s and after checking out several cities I have settled down in Salem, OR. The weather is a bit rainy but the seasons are great and it’s not as unbearably cold as Wisconsin can get. I spent most of my young adult life working in the legal field, while it had its moments it was not my passion. I still do some legal work to pay the bills, but cooking and photography is my true passion. Cooking has always been something I have enjoyed even after working longs hours it was always nice to come home, have a glass of wine and cook a great meal! Photography has always been fun but I have a lot to learn about it. I hope you will see my photos continue to get better and better.

Ok friends, lets get to cooking!